Silk Satin - White

Regular price HK$ 165.00
  • 3D Shape: Easy breathing & less Lip stick Smudge
  • Mask: Washable and reusable (2-3mth)
  • FREE Ear-elastic Adjuster (For perfect tight fit)
  • Insertable Filter (Reusable for 10Days)
  • Filter:  VFE & PFE > 99%   BFE > 97% 
  • Filter Fits both Signature and Silk Satin Collection
  • High Quality Fabric 
  • Less Waste for the Environment!
  • 1-2 day delivery within HK!

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Filter tested and rated by Nelson Lab 

3 Fabric layers:

  1. Outer layer:   Silk Satin
  2. Middle layer: Synthetic Fiber
  3. Inner Layer:   Spanish Silk

    Mask Size Guide:

    • Miss Modern Masks are one universal size: (12cmx10cm - pls see pic below)

                   Standard size

    • As all Collections are hand made, size may vary at times plus/minus 0.5cm

    NB: The mask tag should always be on the right side of your face :)


    Smaller/Larger size request:

    • You may request a Smaller/Larger size, and we can do our best to provide you the smallest size from our inventory. 
    • Please go to your checkout page, and enter a comment here.



     My masks slides down when I talk:

    • If your mask keeps sliding down frequently, a quick ear-elastic adjustment could help significantly :)
    • Each Miss Modern Mask comes with two Ear-elastic adjusters
    • Us the Adjusters to set a desired length, and tie a knot to hold it in place


    How to Insert my Filter:

    • Please follow these steps for easy filter insertion: Video here
    1. Take out the filter from the individual packet
    2. Keep the filter folded into half, as it is in the packet
    3. Insert the filter, with the center facing the bottom of the mask
    4. Once the filter is inserted, aim to align the center line of the Filter with center line of the Mask
    5. Once the center is aligned, simply unfold the filter from the other side


    How to wash my Mask:

    • Please hand wash your mask in warm water with soap
    • Squeeze the mask of water (Pls don't twist squeeze)
    • Hang to drip dry
    • You can find a video on how to wash the mask here


    For more information, please visit our FAQ page here

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